British Gas Boiler Servicing in Gartcosh

British Gas Boiler Servicing Gartcosh

Winter months are coming, and if you want to keep your home warm throughout the chilly season, it is important to keep your boiler in sound health. The experienced engineers at Funding For Boilers are qualified and finely skilled to provide excellent services to boilers and a huge range of domestic and commercial heating equipment, including central heating upgrades. Therefore we provide repair and maintenance of a wide range of energy-efficient products, and we ensure that you stay safe and sound and enjoy the colder months. Get in touch today for any query or professional advice and services.

What Does Our Service Include?

Many companies in Gartcosh, Scotland, provide a variety of boiler services. But a renowned company like us is equipped with skilled engineers who will get under the hood of your boiler to check if it's working or not.

While doing British gas boiler servicing in Gartcosh, we suggest someone stay at home when our engineers arrive for inspection so that you can show them where the boiler is and can explain if the boiler is showing some critical issues or not. Like any boiler service, we then go for a similar checklist approach; at first, we start with a visual examination to understand how the boiler has been installed, whether it's still functioning correctly or not, and also try to find out any signs of damage or corrosion. The engineer will also check for water leaks as the leaky boiler is a sign of damage and causes a certain threat.

Our engineer will also check the controls and the electric signals and if the boiler is vented correctly or not. The boiler casing will be removed to get a good look inside the boiler – and to check whether all the components are working as they should, or if there is any defect, or to carry out some maintenance procedure. We will complete the cleaning by removing any dirt or debris around the fan assembly and checking the connections on the heat exchanger. Another important safety measure that we check is to see how the combustion seals are running and whether it is intact or not.

An engineer will check if the boiler is in optimum health by checking every part of it, which is stated below.

  • Whether the pilot light is on or not and if it's glowing blue as a yellow, orange-red, purple, or green light indicates an underlying concern.
  • The gas pressure of the British gas boiler will also be checked.
  • Various tests will also be carried out, like checking the performance of the flue.
  • A reading of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the boiler is also taken.

Need Advice?

If you are unsure about your boiler condition, then relying on our trusted Gas engineer will always be the ideal option. He will be the best person to advise you on any critical circumstances. Therefore, if you have any safety issues, you can book a consultation or see our guide with our trusted gas engineers.

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