Gas Boiler Servicing in Milngavie

Gas Boiler Servicing Milngavie

We all have heard of gas boilers as it is one of the most popular household equipment in the UK. Most of the properties in the UK are connected to the gas network, and if you are lucky that your home is connected to a gas network, you can have it installed anytime. The general function of a Gas boiler is to keep you warm by keeping the room warm and heating water. The mechanism of a gas boiler is identical to any other boiler, but the key difference is it is powered by natural gas. But if you had a gas boiler installed in your home, then regular maintenance is what you need. Although the gas boiler servicing Milngavie seems an extra cost, it can save you money in the long run.

An annual checkup of your boiler health will help you resolve small issues and save you from a great expense later on. Besides, if a gas boiler is not repaired or gas boiler servicing Milngavie is not done for a longer period, especially when your boiler is older than 10 years then it might risk your home and family from carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why Funding For Boilers is providing annual gas boiler services in Milngavie at a very affordable price.

What Do We Provide in a Boiler Service?

  • We provide a free inspection to identify any faults or disturbances within the gas boiler before servicing Milngavie.
  • We thoroughly check all the major and minor components of the gas boiler, such as the heat exchanger, burner, electrode etc., to see any damage.
  • The boiler's casing is checked to ensure it has been sealed properly.
  • We also run a gas tightness check to ensure no leakage.
  • Internal flue compartments are checked along with flue terminals and then sealed properly.
  • All the parts of the boiler are thoroughly cleaned.

Why does a Boiler Need to be Serviced Annually?

Broken Parts of The Boiler: In case boilers have some unidentified problem or broken parts, it's important to get the service done immediately; otherwise, it will cause much more issues later and cost a lot.

High Fuel Consumption bill: An old and less effective boiler consumes more power than a new and remaining one, so annual servicing is highly recommended.

Null warranty: Most cases, people prefer to repair their boiler by appointing a local technician. Still, if it is within the warranty, it's better to get the gas boiler servicing Milngavie done by professionals like us who will save your money and time.

Loss Of Life: A Boiler leakage can cause severe carbon monoxide poisoning, which even causes death. Every year around 60 people die in the UK due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Considerable Fines or Imprisonment: Those who are landlords they require to service their boiler annually so that it works perfectly and efficiently. Without a proper functioning boiler, you can be imprisoned as per law.

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